written by  Mariano Baino & Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni 

Starring Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni
Directed by Mariano Baino

Produced by BRONX FILM (Gomorrah, the series, Per Amor Vostro) & ESKIMO (Per Amore Vostro, Neve).

Status: pre-production.

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Starring Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, directed by Mariano Baino (DARK WATERS), produced by BRONX FILM (GOMORRAH, the series, PER AMOR VOSTRO) in collaboration with ESKIMO FILMS (PER AMOR VOSTRO, NEVE).


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A selection of reviews

Una selezione di articoli in Italiano e Inglese. 

             A SELECTION  QUOTES

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni's artistic career has been celebrated in numerous
books, newspapers and websites thanks to her career as a performer and artist.
Following is a selection of few of these. 

CORALINA LIFE IS ART/ART IS LIFE  edited by journalist/author Filippo Brunamonti (The Huffington Post, La Repubblica, Wired). 
The book has recently had the honor to join the many prestigious research books housed at THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS.  For more information read here.  
PYRAMID MAGAZINE  “Coralina Cataldi -Tassoni is indeed a true artist in the sense that she does what feels natural to her in the moment, whether it's acting on stage or in a film, writing and performing music or creating a visual masterpiece. Each form of her artistic expression is filled with passion and beauty because it truly comes from the heart." 
 THE HUFFINGTON POST  “There is a powerful sense for what is sacred, eternal, in Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni’s art and well of poetry… the only revolver that Coralina knows is that of love" - Filippo Brunamonti  (view video interview )  THE HUFFINGTON POST

TG1 R.A.I (Italy's Primetime News Program) ~ “ A unique artist, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni... an artist who has an overabundance of talent and emotions to offer." ~ Vincenzo Mollica 
 SIRENS OF CINEMA ~ “It was an honor to interview the beautiful and wildly talented Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni...This is one powerful woman and she has something to say." 
AMERICA OGGI~ “We enter her world; drama ,mysticism and resurrection....At the end of the evening the guests call her 'Coralinissima'. We agree, a superlative is obligatory." 

FANGORIA MAGAZINE ~ “An artist who is complex, vital, interesting, funny and alarmingly alive.”
AMC TV ~ “Long live the queen!”
LA REPUBBLICA ~ “Coralina Catald-Tassoni seduces with her talent"

GLI ALTRI ~ “In New York the exhibit of Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, Tolstoj and Dostojevsky in painting format."       Filippo Brunamonti
PARACINEMA ~  “What sets Cataldi-Tassoni apart from other artists, is her astute directness and uncompromising gravitation towards subjects that many other artists would only shrink from - these, she embraces openly and confronts unflinchingly."
 FANGORIA MAGAZINE ~ “Coralina’s style, her sensibilities, her life experiences, her heartbreaks, her joys, her secrets are all her own... she has a defined creative fingerprint."      Chris Alexander Editor - in - Chief

 “Coralina is an astonishingly talented actress, a preternaturally powerful painter, a shiver-down-the-spine-inducing singer and an immensely talented writer whose brain is capable of generating great ideas and startlingly original concepts."
 MARIANO BAINO  Film Director/Screenwriter (Dark Waters, Caruncula)
 “I love her art. Actually, I worship it. I have one of Coralina's paintings, and her visionary talent is breathtaking...she is unique, passionate and brilliant." 
ALESSANRO D'ALATRI , Film Director/Screenwriter (La Febbre, Il Mare) 
 “In all of my homes there is only one wall reserved for hanging paintings, all the other walls are empty... I only have three paintings hanging on the wall, and Coralina's painting is one of them.”
 LAMBERTO BAVA - Film Director (Demons 2, Ghost Son)

“Her work is astonishing. Her paintings need to be seen live. A postcard or a printed picture do not give justice to the beauty of her art.” 
"Seeing Coralina's art works is having human story captured in painted line. Like a great Weegee photograph, Coralina's compositions contain stark vulnerability that is forcefully unique, and thus magnificently compelling." 
“Very much an original, a one-of-a-kind renaissance artist. Her beauty is unique.”

“I liked her immediately for her explosive mix of innocence and mischievousness,and for her great sense of humor... extremely talented and consistent... she has art in her blood,she was born to be an artist, and she knows how to communicate her passion to others, a great gift."
LUCIANO ODORISIO, DIRECTOR (Via Paradiso, Sacrilege)
“Coralina works with equal skill in the solo act of painting and composing, and in the collaborative arts of film and music. And like a mermaid, she fluidly navigates between worlds, bringing gifts from one world to the others."
SIRENS OF CINEMA ~ “Beautiful, professional, daring and always up to something... with an air of mischievous glee, she radiates effortlessly.”